Citrix - A Guide to Installing and Usingcitrix

What is Citrix?

Citrix is a remote access program that allows you to log in and use the school system from anywhere you have internet access. Nearly any device is supported, be it Windows, Android or Apple, whether it's a phone, a laptop or a tablet. Once you have logged in it is almost as if you are sat in one of our IT rooms, able to access all your work, most programs and even print!

How do I install it?

For most devices simply click the link below and it should take you to the appropriate download; from there follow the individual steps for your device. The installer comes right from the Citrix website and wont install any additional software such as toolbars, but may install a windows update if needed (Windows only).

button citrix



Setting Citrix Up

Windows: Windows requires no extra steps to run, simply close the installer and any other windows it may have opened. To run, just visit our website and click on the "Log In" button on the right hand side of the homepage.

iOS/Apple: This can be automatically configured by clicking on the icon below! 


Andriod: Download the app

Citrix 01

Make sure you are connected to the internet, wifi or cable is best but 3G will work too.

Open the Citrix app and click on "Set up my enterprise apps" or "add account"

Citrix 02

In the address bar type:

Citrix 03

Under description type a useful name; eg CC4 Anywhere.

User name/password should be your normal login details.

For the domain type ellher.internal

Citrix 04

After a few seconds you should see this screen. Click on CC4 Anywhere to begin the log on process 

Citrix 05

For security reasons you will need to provide your password each time you wish to log on. 

Citrix 06

You should see a screen similar to this, from which you can select direct access to common programs or chose to go into CC4 Anywhere Desktop which looks and feels like a normal Windows computer. You can now access your work from anywhere you have an internet connection!

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