Kearsney 01Kearsney Abbey Survival Camping Trip

A group of Royal Harbour Academy Sixth Form students were taken on a 2 night camping trip to Kearsney Abbey on 26th April, led by Public Services teacher, Miss Bygraves.

Students were taught key survival skills that will support them in their Public Services course. On the first day students were split into two groups and were challenged to build the tallest flag post and the most waterproof bivouac (shelter), using only natural resources for both.

In the evenings, students participated in team building activities including life size Ker-Plunk and tent building and also had to cook their dinner over fires that they had to ignite themselves.

On day 2, the groups were taken to Swattenden Centre to take part in high rope activities such as abseiling, zip-lining, Leap of Faith and Jacobs Ladder.

On the final day students engaged in more entertaining activities. One example was the life size Hungry Hippos game which took place on the huge field, where two students from each group at a time raced to the middle of the field to collect plastic balls in their buckets. This was made more challenging by the fact that they were attached to minibuses with bungee cords!

Sixth form student, Bradley said: “The trip was a great experience for us and helped us build on our teamwork and gain knowledge of survival skills. The range of activities during the trip helped us discover new ways of doing things and we really enjoyed our time at Kearsney and at Swattenden.”

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