MXCPRHA students take part in Motocross Challenge Project

A group of RHA students were lucky enough to be offered a short course with Motorcross Challenge Project that would be used towards their ASDAN alternative curriculum award. The MXCP came to the ACES centre at RHA once a week for 6 weeks, where students took part in a program that included: understanding the motorcycle engine, inspection and replacement of the air filter and other safety checks, as well as the principles of tyre safety and maintenance.

MXCP was founded in 2000 as an independent charity using motor cross and mechanics as a toll to engage young people back into education, training or employment; enabling the young people to develop long term life skills.

Students were also invited to attend the motor cross track in Dover, where they got to put in practice the skills they had been taught and actually have a go on the tracks! Mrs Amos of the ACES centre said: ‘It was fabulous to watch them become more confident and was a fantastic experience. Many thanks to the wonderful team at MXCP for making the whole experience so memorable.’