RHA Goes to the PollsPolls

Students at Royal Harbour Academy exchanged text books for the ballot box to become voters last week on the day of the General Election as the nation's vote was cast. Students from Year 7 up to the Sixth Form engaged in the election, researched manifestos and their impact on the youth and then carried out a mock election in the school. The result ended in a win for the Labour Party with over 400 votes. Year 10 student Ethan explained why he voted Labour; 'Their policies were for the young and working class which generally is most of the students in this school'. Whilst the result was a clear victory for the Labour party in the school, wider in the constituency the Conservative Party and Craig Mackinlay were successful. Year 10 students Harry explained why he had voted Blue on this occasion; 'I felt with the terror attacks in London that Theresa May would do more for public safety'.

The school set up a debate group earlier this year which organised the election. The teacher coordinating the group, Tom Millard felt that this was the perfect time to hold a debate and election like this in the school, 'There has been a buzz over the last year of students getting involved in politics and South Thanet has for a number of years now had the eyes of the media on it. Students recognise this and often debate the issues in class. I think there are several reasons why an election was important; firstly the politics of these parties are more in tune with young people who have previously not voted and secondly there has even been a debate that 16-17 year olds should have the debate. Therefore we felt a mock election was absolutely vital to paving the way for students later political activity in future elections, when they will be given the vote'.


Labour Party 66%

Conservative Party 20%

Liberal Democrats 10%

Other 4%

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