forster01Inspirational Women in Science: Dr. Victoria Forster, Cancer Researcher

Many thanks to Dr. Victoria Forster, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada) for her inspirational video for the project “Inspirational Women in Science” for year 9g1.

“Dear Cancer I beat you aged eight, and today I got my PhD in cancer research. Take that."

Dr. V. Forster is a UK scientist researching new treatments for pediatric cancer, drawing on her own experience with leukemia to investigate the devastating side effects of current therapies.  She is passionate for cancer research but she is also a science communicator. She is been recently selected as a 2017 @TEDFellow and awarded by Cancer Research UK as inspiring communicator.


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 Thank you for your life changing hard work, you are an inspiration and a hero” - Emily Merryweather.

 Your video was a huge inspiration, you are a hero!” - Charlotte Web
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