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Business of Enterprise - School Finals

BoEnt 01On the 25th April 2019, the Business of Enterprise competition saw the culmination of a lot of hard work and innovation by Year 9 students from the Royal Harbour Academy. The ‘In-School’ final saw 8 teams contest the right to be named the overall winner, with a second team going on to compete at a runners up final later in July.

The Business of Enterprise is a Kent based project run by the Education Business Partnership Kent, which saw the entire year group spend the best part of a day working in teams to develop, brand, market, finance and pitch an innovative new idea or service.

Creativity is an essential theme, with students encouraged to think outside of the box and to find new areas that their ideas might benefit and prove successful in. The students dedicated a huge amount of research towards their concepts, proving the validity of their ideas and/or the science and reasoning behind them. The groups got to work with a team of EBP Kent ambassadors, who met at the end of the day to determine the 8 ideas that would contest the ‘In-School’ final.

Once again the school has proven to be full of natural entrepreneurs; the selection process was difficult and ‘heated,’ with an incredible amount of exceptional ideas and presentations all vying for only a few spots.

The successful 8 teams would receive further guidance and mentorship, over the course of 3 more mornings before finally having the chance to impress judges from Cummins Power Generation and the school’s governing board. The final proved to be a strong affirmation of just how brilliant these groups and students were, with praise in abundance from the judging panel, remarking on the confidence, clarity and professionalism with which the students spoke.

BoEnt 02A huge thank you to Cummins Power Generation, who continue to be wonderful supporters and believers in the project, and the school’s governing body, for their time and consideration in selecting the winning groups. Their feedback was superb and will hopefully be a confidence boost as the students make their way through school life and into future employment or in setting up their own businesses.

Congratulations to the overall winners, Project Eycon, who will compete against other Kent schools in the Grand Final, at the headquarters of Natwest in central London and the second place team, Unique is Natural, who will go into the Runners-Up final at Cummins Power Generation, Manston. It’s worth noting, that the winners of the Runners-Up final will also go on to the Grand Final in London.

Finally, congratulations to the school and the entirety of Year 9, who were incredible in their application, professionalism and innovation throughout the entire process. There is no doubt that the Royal Harbour Academy will be major contenders at both finals in July.

‘I had the great pleasure to attend the ‘Business of Enterprise’ event at The Royal Harbour Academy School in Ramsgate on 25th April. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into the teams’ business idea selections, particularly impressive was the inclusion of a number of social conscience and disability support business concepts. The young people presented their business ideas with clarity and confidence. Demonstrating their acquired knowledge of manufacturing, finance and marketing, questions fired at the teams were answered very well and to the satisfaction of the judges. I would like to congratulate the young people from Royal Harbour Academy who took part in this event, they should all be very proud of their achievement.’ Judge’s Comment

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