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As of Monday 15th June, the law requires any Public Transport User to wear a face mask whilst travelling. In accordance with this KCC have determined the following guidance applicable to children provided with transport assistance by the Council.

From Monday 15th June, it is a requirement that, where possible, users of all KCC transport or those travelling using a pass issued by KCC use a face covering whilst travelling.

Consistent with the national guidance, there will be some exceptions where this is not appropriate notably in respect of younger children (identified as those under the age of 11) where use of a face covering is still recommended but not a strict requirement. In addition other exemptions to this requirement exist such as where use of a face covering; presents a risk to the passenger, would cause distress, cannot be safely put on or taken off or where it would interfere with a need to administer medicine or other medical requirements.

To be clear, the requirement is for a form of face covering that covers the mouth and nose and is distinct from any medical grade PPE. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of parents to equip their child with an appropriate face covering for their journey. In addition to pupils wearing face coverings, those who support children with their journey to school will also be required to wear a face covering in line with the national guidance.

KCC has produced the attached notice as guidance for all bus users but many of the principles will also apply to other transport types such as those accessing coaches, minibuses and taxis.

Further information about the use of face coverings and other information for the public is available at:

Should you have any questions or are concerned that a passenger will be unable to wear a face covering then please speak with your school or your transport provider in the first instance.

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