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RHA Students win Teen Tech Award 2019

IMG 20190403 145957 resized 20190405 115113953On Wednesday students from year 8 and 9 visited the Teen Tech Expo at the Emirates Stadium in London, as part of their after school STEM Club. Alongside a day of scientific experiments, demonstrations and idea brainstorming, students presented ideas and inventions to a panel of judges comprised of top scientists. Beating out 500 other 500 students from 50 schools, the majority grammar schools, a team of year 8s from RHA won the prestigious best invention award at the event.

Students Charlie Beer, Sophie Winton, Jovita Jablonauskaite who took part in the presentation and did themselves and the school extremely proud. Maggie Philbin former presenter of Tomorrow's World presented the event which allows students and staff to take part in interactive challenges hosted by various Universities, tech companies including Cancer Research UK, Transport for London, Tomorrow's Engineers, Tarmac and JVC. The aim of the day is to experience STEM opportunities and prospective career pathways and job opportunities in the Tech sector.

Mr Todd head of year 8 at RHA and joint leader of the after school RHA STEM Club which is very successful commented after the event.IMG 20190403 144804 resized 20190405 115114866

"The RHA fully supports and endorses Teen Tech as an excellent opportunity for students focusing on year 8s and year 9s to inspire the next generation of designers, engineers and scientists to immerse themselves in fun interactive challenges from universities and a whole range of companies to discuss career pathways and job opportunities linked to STEM. I am immensely proud of the 11 year 8 students who represented the school in an excellent manner, I was particularly proud of the students winning the prestigious best invention category against some very impressive competition.

The smiles and sheer delight etched on the faces of the RHA students when Maggie Philbin awarded Best Invention to the team was extremely rewarding. The students attitude and behaviour were exemplary through out the day and this was endorsed by companies at Teen Tech. It is the 5th year as a School we have attended Teen Tech and it gets better each year and the stunning Arsenal FC Emirates stadium is truly a magnificent venue and host.

The RHA STEM club has 30 regular members who really enjoy learning more about STEM activities and I really enjoy working alongside my college and Head of Science Kris Lasslett in setting up and running such a successful STEM Club after school."

Any local businesses who could donate resources, time or funds we would very much be grateful for your support, can you please contact Richard Todd on


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