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Science Week 2019

Science week at The Royal Harbour Academy 2019 - The journey of plastic

Students at the Royal Harbour Academy have spent the week learning about the effects of plastic on the environment.

Students have been inspired by a series of specially planned science lessons and cross curricular opportunities across the school. Mr Lasslett who organised the week said, “we have been unrelenting in ensuring the very best for our students at The Royal Harbour Academy and our new Year 7 curriculum has been completely transformational in doing this. The new model provides us with endless opportunities to inspire students both within and across subjects.

Dedicated staff have delivered lessons that, judging by the response, our students will remember for many years to come. Topics such as plastic invoke so much passion and empathy from young people and it is crucial that as educators, we help our students understand the consequences that human’s actions are having on the planet. Only by inspiring change will the next generation make positive difference in the future.”

To start the week students investigated how synthetic clothes release microplastics when washed. The picture below shows some Year 8 students findings from a small piece of fleece under a microscope.

sciweek 01

PhD student Eco-toxicologist, Lewis Yardy from the University of Reading delivered an intriguing lesson to students where they investigated how toxicity effects aquatic wildlife.

sciweek 02

In their English lessons students wrote a letter to local MP, Craig Mackinlay, persuading him to take action to reduce single use plastics in the community. After learning the shocking statistic that over a million plastic bottles are used globally every minute, Year 7 students came up with the idea of having drinking water refill stations on Broadstairs and Ramsgate seafront. Students argued that this could significantly reduce the amount of plastic that gets left on our beautiful beaches during the summer months.

sciweek 03

A selection of students got to meet Mr Mackinlay on the Friday morning to hand over their very persuasive letters. Mr Mackinlay spoke to the students about how he had been fortunate enough to hear Sir David Attenborough speak earlier this week and how impressed he was with the project that the students had been working on this week.

sciweek 04

Science week was brought to a close on Saturday morning when students, teachers, friends and family of The Royal Harbour Academy came together for a big beach clean.

sciweek 05


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