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Science Week 2020

Students at the Royal Harbour Academy enjoyed a week of specially planned Science lessons to celebrate ‘British Science Week’. This year the theme was ‘Diversity of our planet’, with the lasting message focused on how the behaviours of each individual can affect the diversity of plants and animals on our planet. The week began by exploring the meaning of diversity and discussing how Science can be used to measure diversity.

sciweek2020 01On Tuesday, students put words into action as they turned their attention to assessing the biodiversity of their school site. Students used quadrat-sampling methods to investigate how many different species of plant and animal they could find in the school fields. All 400 students on the school’s lower site then had the opportunity to make their own eco-friendly plant pot out of newspaper and plant a giant yellow sunflower seed.

By Wednesday, all the students were well on board and the focus was on analyzing the diversity of their classmates. Students learnt how to take fingerprints and analyse what type of taster they were by counting taste buds.

Towards the end of the week, students explored how they could make changes to their lifestyles to help protect the diversity of the planet in the future. The focus was on how to be more self-sufficient and use less packaging. As an example of how students could make this change, everyone had the very popular task of making their own bath bomb. Students also came up with the idea of having a cake sale to raise the £150 needed to purchase 200 fruit trees from the ‘Woodland Trust’. The legacy of the British Science Week at RHA is to create an in school orchard that will provide fruit for the school’s breakfast club and to be used in cooking lessons.

The week came to an explosive end with a selection of students visiting the annual ‘Big Bang’ event at Discovery Park, Sandwich. The students got to interact with professionals from across STEM careers through engaging hands on activities and workshops, after hearing an inspirational talk form a polar explorer.

Mr Lasslett, Head of Science at Royal Harbour Academy’s lower site said, “It has been a fantastic week of practical Science, where students and staff have engaged in meaningful dialogue around how we protect our planet. Our students always show empathy and understanding during topics like this and they were really keen to ensure we had a lasting legacy of the week at our school”.

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