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Year 11 Leavers Prom

Boys enter the promThe leavers prom was held at Dreamland Margate this year. Our Prom Committee worked very hard to make this years prom the best yet! Nearly 100 students danced the night away after riding the Big Wheel and the Chair-O-Plane in the glorious Margate sunshine. All the students looked absolutely amazing in their finery and behaved impeccably.

The Prom Committee members who worked tirelessly to make this happen:

Louisa Taylor
Robyn Marsh
Jamie-Louise Harkett
Elysia Styles
Mia Mendez
Lauren Strich
Rebecca Brownsell
Rachel Cornwell
Elouise Musset
Pasha Obbart

Awards given on the night, voted for by teachers and staff:

The next Albert Einstein - Rory Harkett
Most likely to be a comedian - Luke Cripps
Most likely to be an author - Holly Newick
Most likely to win the Noble Peace Prize - Morgan Jenkin
Most likely to be famous - Reuben Thorpe
Most likely to travel the world - Raluca Ene
Most likely to win an Olympic Medal - Luke Wallace
The Next Picasso - Chloe Funai
The best Mathematician - Dylan Botta
The best Presentation - Demi Michael

No prom is complete without:

Prom King - Reuben Thorpe
Prom Queen - Raluca Ene

Louisa Taylor, of the prom committee, writes:

I enjoyed every moment at our prom in dreamland. The entrance was absolutely amazing, strolling along the red carpet made me feel like a real Hollywood star. Getting to spend some time on the rides made it even more exciting. The ballroom was perfect, decorated like our very own Oscars. The music was amazing and I was able to enjoy the night even more because of it. Dreamland as a venue was perfect for a prom, I’m so glad we were able to hold our prom there.

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