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Year 8 RAF STEM Day

stem02On Tuesday 4th December 2018, 60 Year 8 students attended an RAF STEM day organised by Mr Lasslett and Mr Todd. The day was arranged to reward good attitude and behaviour in STEM subjects.

John Bowmer from the Small Piece Trust talked to us about the RAF and the differences between aircrafts and aeroplanes. After a short talk about how the day was going to go, we started the first activity.

The first activity was a challenge using knowledge and teamwork. As a team of 6 we were given 10 sheets of paper and a 100g weight. We had 15 minutes to complete the challenge. The challenge was to see which group could build the highest tower whilst supporting a 100g weight. The highest tower was 61cm. We moved on to the next challenge which was to make a small aeroplane made out of one straw and a small piece of card and a tiny piece of blue tac. Each group produced a total of 3 planes.

There was a lane at the side of the hall so that all students were safe whilst other groups were testing how many metres their plane would fly. We had 2 hours to complete. John provided the supplies and created a little mini shop at the front of the room to collect materials for our plane whilst managing the budget. We were provided with wood, hot glue gun, string, straw, blue tac, paper, card, tissue paper, pens and other equipment.

All groups had a chance to fly their planes. The furthest distance was 8 metres. That group won a bag full of gifts and things for school. The winning team members were: Sophie, Svetlana, Julia, Francesca and Hanna. Year 8 RAF STEM Day We all had an amazing time and are grateful to Mr Lasslett and Mr Todd for organising the day.
The day definitely inspired more students to become engineers.

Article written by Keira, Millie, Ali and Kacey (Year 8).


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