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International Baccalaureate Logo.svg “At RHA we are passionate about developing the learner as a whole through the IB learner profile and international mindedness. This qualification has opened many doors for our students and has enabled our students to develop their aspiration and successfully progress on to higher education, apprenticeships and employment”

– Ollie Donohoe, Head of Sixth Form

6PRO 03IBCP - The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme

The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) is recognised worldwide and was developed to provide a balanced course adhering to both an academic and vocational foundation for students who wish to benefit from career-related learning.

Students study two IB Certificates, one BTEC at either Diploma or Extended Diploma level, and the IBCP Core. Students develop the academic strength, international perspective and research skills required for the best start at post 18, whether it is university, employment, apprenticeship or other high education opportunities.

Entry requirements: Five 9-4 grades at GCSE (or equivalent) including English and Maths.

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6PRO 04BTEC Level 3 Pathway

The BTEC Level 3 is regarded as equivalent to A Levels. Students on this pathway will study one course as an extended diploma qualification which is equivalent to 3 A Levels over two years.

The courses mainly consist of coursework units; however some BTECs now have some units with exam elements. These courses are particularly suitable for those who have strong inclinations towards a particular vocational career, starting with technical level posts and leading, after experience, to supervisory and enterprise management posts.

The BTEC Level 3 is popular amongst students who wish to pursue a particular profession as the BTEC gives more thorough preparation for a specific career path. BTEC Level 3 courses support students who want to gain entry into university and other forms of higher education.

In addition to a BTEC Level 3 course, students will study Maths and or English GCSE re-sits if required as well as core elements of the IBCP which will help develop academic and future employability skills.

Entry requirements: Five 9-4 grades at GCSE (or equivalent) with a minimum of a level 4 in English and or Maths

6PRO 06Sixth Form Information, Advice and Guidance

After your pathway and chosen subjects are confirmed on GCSE results day you will be ready to begin your Sixth Form journey. During the first week of term you will receive a form group - your tutor is a key figure who will support you throughout your time in Sixth Form, helping to monitor your progress and attainment, as well as being a daily point of contact. You will complete a range of career planning activities within your tutor group to best prepare you for post 18 options, including support with your UCAS application, preparing a CV and opportunities to practice interview skills. Through our links with local employers we will also support you in arranging work experience to help access your chosen profession.

Whichever direction you decide to take, we are sure that your time at the Academy will provide you with excellent opportunities, resources and insight into your chosen career, whilst also equipping you with the life skills and experiences to go on and succeed in everything you do. You will also have regular assemblies that focus on achievement and provide you with key whole school information. In addition to assemblies, meetings will be held with the Sixth Form team to address specific Sixth Form matters.

6PRO 05During study sessions, Sixth Form students can do research and complete coursework in the computer suite, which is dedicated to Sixth Form students.

“At RHA we believe that life experiences are just as important as classroom learning. We take pride in the broad offer of educational visits that we organise for our Sixth Form to help them develop into well-rounded and successful young adults. We are confident that students will be successful in whatever post 18 plan they have if they give 100% effort and take full advantage of the opportunities we provide.” – Ollie Donohoe, Head of Sixth Form

Educational Visits and Enrichment Activities

The Sixth Form prides itself on offering a wide range of enrichment activities to all of its students. Recent trips include a visit to the Houses of Parliament and a Careers Event at Emirates Football Stadium. Universities and employers are increasingly looking at what young people have to offer in addition to academic qualifications. During your time in the Sixth Form, you will have numerous opportunities to enrich your curriculum, from work experience with leaders in industry and university visits, to opportunities for leading jobs around the school, organising social events and becoming part of the school's student voice.

The enrichment programme will support your progress and development on your chosen course and, as a young adult, so you become a confident, happy and well-rounded citizen. We fully encourage students to take a central lead within the enrichment programme. You will gain invaluable experience that will prepare you for the world of further study, training and work.

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If you would like to download a digital copy of our prospectus in PDF format, please click the link below.

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