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IB Results 3

6th Form Results 2019-2020 - posted 14th Aug

There were some excellent individual performances: Imogen Ferguson passed the full IBCP, gaining a 6 in English Literature, a 5 in History, a B grade in Reflective Project and Pass in Japanese, Service Learning and Personal & Professional Studies. Imogen has also completed a BTEC Level 3 extended diploma in Public Services and achieved a D*D*D*. During her time in Sixth Form, Imogen has been an outstanding member of The Royal Harbour Academy School. She has worked exceptionally hard within her studies and has been a true ambassador of the school. Imogen has been a head prefect throughout Sixth Form and excelled in every area of responsibility, from leading regular enrichment and lessons to younger year groups to organising and leading charity events. Imogen is going on to study International and Legal Studies with a year abroad at the University of Kent.

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Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy Lesson - posted 3rd May

In our Japanese and Culture lesson, Year 12 IBCP students learned about Shodo, the art of Japanese Calligraphy. After we watched an inspirational video clip about Shodo, Ms Myers showed us how to make the ink and how to use the brush. Then we all drew Kanji letters by ourselves. Shodo is not only writing characters beautifully, but also enjoying the whole process in a quiet and calming atmosphere.

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Japanese Volunteer Helper! - posted 2nd May

The students were excited to meet another native Japanese person in class and enjoyed talking with her. Taskin Buehl, one of the students mentioned ‘Yoko was a big help and it was really helpful when Ms Myers and she talked in Japanese and gave us feedback. She is full of knowledge and she was very friendly. Thank you!’

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Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony - posted 2nd May

The Japanese tea ceremony is a ceremonial practice that involves drinking Matcha green tea in a special way. The tea is prepared in a special process that can be very long and extensive. The ceremony is developed around four important values’: Harmony, Purity, Respect and Tranquillity.

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Japanese Restaurant Visit - posted 2nd May

We tried various types of Japanese food, such as Sweet prawn sushi, Gyoza dumpling, gyudon , Katsudon, salmon and avocado sushi roll and Sushi Bento box . Some students found it difficult to use chopsticks at first, but they all enjoyed the food.

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Sixth Form Results 2018 - posted 5th Mar

There were some excellent individual performance: Jaimie Bligh passed the IBCP gaining D*D*D* in BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care, a 5 in both English Literature and History and a B grade in his Reflective Project. Jaimie is going onto study Psychology at Southampton. On results day Jaimie said “I am extremely happy about my results and relieved that I have everything I need to make the next step towards my future.”

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