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Shodo, Japanese Calligraphy Lesson

Written by Isabella Pettman and Taskin Buehl

japlang 08In our Japanese and Culture lesson, Year 12 IBCP students learned about Shodo, the art of Japanese Calligraphy. After we watched an inspirational video clip about Shodo, Ms Myers showed us how to make the ink and how to use the brush. Then we all drew Kanji letters by ourselves. Shodo is not only writing characters beautifully, but also enjoying the whole process in a quiet and calming atmosphere.

It was a great experience and we would really regret it if we had not been participants of this lesson. We enjoyed drawing the Kanji as it was calming.

Ms Myers commented 'It was a real pleasure to see the students enjoy the whole experience of Shodo. Some students attended an extra lesson as they really liked it. Trying and appreciating different culture with an open mind is very important and will surely enrich their life'.

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