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Victory for RHA against Dane Court in E-Sports Battle!

Team RHA mid battleAssembling after school on the 22nd March, two teams from Dane Court and Royal Harbour sought battle on the fields of online game League of Legends. Both teams, consisting of five players each have been practising for months in anticipation of their first encounter against each other. Fun was had by all, including many spectators on a big screen, both teachers and pupils came to watch the event.

The first game started out close but early on our jungler (a player who roams the map with no fixed position) managed to get two kills in the bottom lane, securing us an early lead with loud cheers from the spectators. This lead was expanded upon when he was able to repeat this skilled play two minutes later, which helped us to secure a win in just over 20 minutes. 1-0 up and with moods high, we went into the second match. This time bottom lane managed to push out a early lead on their own, Dane Court wasn’t about to let us get a second win that easily again though, and kept making determined plays to keep up. This ended up in a close 5 Vs. 5 fight at Baron (a powerful creature that gives a strong bonus to the team able to kill it) at about 35 minutes in, which we managed to pull ahead at and win both the game and the series.

League of Legends is an online team game where players select from many characters and do battle against other players world wide. It has been part of our lunch time games club for several years and helps build coordination and teamwork, as well as critical thinking and strategy. Having run several tournaments amongst pupils, taking on competitors from other schools was a logical step and we hope to expand to form a larger competitive competition between other schools on a regular basis.

Our games club runs daily at lunch times, filling multiple ICT rooms on both upper and lower sites providing a safe and fun environment for over 90 pupils. If you would like to attend please see any IT technician or Mr Cox for details.

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