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GCSE Sport Science

"You have failed only when you have failed to try" - Unknown

Vision Statement

You will gain many valuable skills from studying OCR sport. You will gain an improvement in skill level in
a number of practical sports, as well as coaching and officiating roles. You will also gain skills such as
working as a team, leadership and confidence.

Curriculum Details

This course is suited to students who have a good all round practical ability whilst having in interest in the
theoretical side of sport as well. You should study this course if you want to gain a better understanding of how to improve sporting performance alongside sports theory.
Contemporary issues in sport: students explore a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, such
as participation levels and barriers, promoting values and ethical behaviour, and how sport contributes to society as a whole beyond simply providing entertainment.
Developing sports skills: students try out a range of sports-related skills and techniques, including different practise methods for improving both their own performance and that of others. They develop
their knowledge of the use of tactics and strategies in both individual and team sporting activities as
well as their understanding of the rules, enabling them to carry out a number of officiating roles within the

Developing skills in outdoor activities: students will learn about how to perform outdoor activities that are
involved in outdoor education. This knowledge will be required and used to perform outdoor activities. In
addition, they will use the knowledge to plan an outdoor activity. They will be assessed on their
practical performance in two of the activities.
Sport and the media: students explore the relationship between sports and the media: how sport uses
the media to promote itself and the media uses sport to expand and maintain uptake of its products. They
look at the differences in sports coverage across a range of media outlets and over time and the effect
that media has had on public interest and involvement in sport.

Curriculum Overview

There are four units within the course. Three of these units will be assessed through coursework with one
unit being assessed in an exam. OCR sport will lead you onto the next stage of your education within
sport. All Level 3 courses will be accessible if you achieve well on the course. Further to this, it will give
you the opportunity to pursue a career in the sports industry.

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