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Dear Parents and Carers

We have collated some resources for our students to help assist them with their online learning, please find these enclosed.

As a school we are hoping all of our students will join their lessons online but to assist with this, we have provided a range of resources. It is important that all work that teachers need to mark and assess is sent in, or completed online so that we can keep giving meaningful feedback and monitor the progress of your son or daughter.

Our teachers love to be able to see what their students are completing. Please either send or scan in a picture of work in books/paper or submit work that needs marking to school or in person. We will ensure it reaches the correct teacher.
Please encourage your son or daughter to keep to the RHA standards when working in their books.

In you pack you will find:

Ø A Green Exercise book for English, History and Ethics & Philosophy work
Ø A Yellow Exercise book for Mathematics work
Ø A Blue Exercise for any other subjects
Ø Ruler, rubber, pencil, two black pens and one purple
Ø A mini whiteboard and pen
Ø A Happy Spaces guidebook (lower only)

The Happy Spaces Guidebook is a guidebook to support you in feeling good and keeping positive.

We have also provided PSHE resources on well-being and reading links to support literacy. This is uploaded to your son or daughters Year group Google Classroom.

Please do get in contact with reception for any support with remote learning.

Yours sincerely

Mr A.Holmes & Mrs S. Warncken
Deputy Headteachers

Which year group?

Lower School YEARS 7 - 8
Upper School YEARS 9 - 11
Sixth Form YEARS 12- 13


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