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Advice Regarding School Closure Caused by Bad Weather

The school will always do its utmost to stay open and ensure that learning continues for all its students, but please read the following advice should the school have to close because of bad weather.

If the school needs to close during the course of a school day, we will announce the closure on the school website and ensure that you are contacted by telephone before your child leaves the premises. We would ask that you please make sure that the school has a current daytime phone number on which we can contact you.

We would also suggest that your child has a second place of safety to go to should snow make it impossible to get directly home.

This might be your workplace, another relative's home or a friend's house. Should your son or daughter not go directly home, they must tell us the address they are going to before they leave the school grounds.

Should we need to close the school outside school hours, we will put a message on the school's website along with notifying Kent County Council who have their own information system. A full and updated list of all school closures will be published on the Kent County Council website (

Parents may also use the Kent County Council site to receive a free email notification or pay for an automated text alert. As is currently the case, local radio stations will also continue to list school closures.

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Upper School YEARS 9 - 11
Sixth Form YEARS 12- 13


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