The Royal Harbour Academy is an exciting and dynamic community, based on mutual respect where our learners develop the skills to become successful international citizens.

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Start of Term Arrangements 2017-18

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to inform you of the arrangements for the start of term, and expectations for the new academic year.

Students will return on Tuesday 5th September at 12:15pm. The first day will be important for equipping students with everything they need in order to prepare them for their learning. This will include receiving their timetable, meeting their form tutor and having a Head of Year assembly, where they will receive key information about expectations.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate some key learning expectations. All students must arrive to school and lessons on time every day, and they should be ready and equipped for their lessons i.e. stationary and books. Mobile phones are brought into school at your child’s own risk and the school will not take responsibility for any loss or damage. Students are not permitted to use their phones in lessons, unless directed by the teacher in cases where they are used as a learning tool.

Please be reminded of our expectations when it comes to dress code. As a school, we believe that it is important that students have pride in their school and buy into the school’s ethos. Uniform also helps students prepare for when they leave school, as they are likely to have to adhere to a dress code. Students are also reminded that they must remove outdoor coats when in the building; lockers are available should they wish to use them

Please find below a list of the required uniform:

  • Grey blazer – with the school badge on the left breast pocket
  • Black v-neck pullover – with the school badge on the left breast pocket
  • House tie
  • Black trousers – school type or black knee length skirt for girls (no leggings or skin tight trousers that we deem not to conform to the school dress code)
  • White shirt – suitable for wearing a tie – long or short sleeved
  • Black or white socks, or plain black tights for girls
  • Plain black polishable shoes

PE Kit:

  • Black games shorts
  • Black games joggers
  • Black / Burgundy sports t-shirt
  • Black / Burgundy games sweatshirt
  • Burgundy games socks

Please note that hair must not be dyed and only one single natural colour. Only subtle makeup is permitted and only one piercing per ear is allowed. 

The Upper Site is a mature working environment with a strong focus on student attainment at the end of Key Stage 4, developing pathways for post 16 and we are committed to working with you to ensure your son or daughter achieves their very best.

I look forward to working with the students next year, monitoring their progress and celebrating their successes. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact your son or daughter’s form tutor in the first instance. If it is a matter that the form tutor cannot resolve, it will be referred on to the Head of Year, and then myself as Head of Upper School.

I hope you have an enjoyable summer break.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Johnson

Head of Upper School

End of Term Newsletter

Our end of term newsletter is available for download by clicking here.

Year 7 and 8 End of Year Reports

Dear Parents and Carers

Year 7 and 8 students are bringing home reports this week. This year we have designed a report around the Middle Years Programme and I feel it would be helpful if I explained a couple of key points around your child’s target level.

On page 6 and on each subject report you will see the phrase, ‘End of Year 8 Grade’. This is the level that your son or daughter is working at and will be the grade that the teacher thinks your son or daughter will achieve at the end of the first stage of the MYP programme. Under each subject report you will see your son or daughter’s target grade. You will also see a breakdown of each subject into four skill areas. Each of these areas is marked out of 8, although internationally few students will achieve 8s as this would represent A* at GCSE or A Level.

Should you want any more information or have any problems that you wish to talk about, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mr C Doyle

Assistant Headteacher

RHA smallerEnd of Summer Term Arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers

As the end of term approaches, we are writing to inform you of the arrangements for the last 3 days of term.

Last Day of Term, Wednesday 19th July, UPPER / LOWER SCHOOL

Wednesday 19th July is the last day of term. There will be a carousel of activities for students including form time, reward assemblies and house activities, with students being dismissed at 12:15pm. Years 7 to 9 will be at the Lower School, and Years 10 and 12 will be at the Upper School. Once again, students will be permitted to wear non-uniform.

Back to School, Tuesday 5th September

Tuesday 5th September is the first day of the new academic year for students. Arrangements for the first day of term are as follows:

Year 7: 8:45am – 3:15pm

Year 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13: 12:15 – 3:15pm

From Wednesday 6th September, all students are expected to be in school by 8:40am.

School Photos, Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September

Professional photographers will be coming to RHA to take photos of staff and students on Thursday 7th September (Lower School) and Friday 8th September (Upper School). It is a legal requirement to have photos of all our students and staff on the system for safeguarding reasons. Attendance and uniform are highly important throughout the year, but may we highlight the importance of your son or daughter attending school on these days and wearing the correct uniform.

The end of year newsletter will be given to students to take home at the end of term – please do take the time to read it as it contains other updates for next year as well as a review of some of the exciting things students have taken part in this term.

We wish you a safe and restful summer break.

Yours sincerely

Mrs A Francis, Head of Upper School

Mr P Sexton, Head of Lower School

forster01Inspirational Women in Science: Dr. Victoria Forster, Cancer Researcher

Many thanks to Dr. Victoria Forster, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada) for her inspirational video for the project “Inspirational Women in Science” for year 9g1.

“Dear Cancer I beat you aged eight, and today I got my PhD in cancer research. Take that."

Dr. V. Forster is a UK scientist researching new treatments for pediatric cancer, drawing on her own experience with leukemia to investigate the devastating side effects of current therapies.  She is passionate for cancer research but she is also a science communicator. She is been recently selected as a 2017 @TEDFellow and awarded by Cancer Research UK as inspiring communicator.


 forster02   forster03 

 Thank you for your life changing hard work, you are an inspiration and a hero” - Emily Merryweather.

 Your video was a huge inspiration, you are a hero!” - Charlotte Web

Yearbooks for Students Leaving Year 11

As you are aware your son or daughter are fast approaching the end of their exams and it will soon be their Prom. If your son or daughter wishes to purchase a year book, a £5 deposit will be required and the school will contribute the rest of the cost.

Please ensure your £5 deposit is given to the finance officer in the main office by Friday 16th June 2017.

Yours sincerely

Mrs A Francis
Head of Upper School

RHA Goes to the PollsPolls

Students at Royal Harbour Academy exchanged text books for the ballot box to become voters last week on the day of the General Election as the nation's vote was cast. Students from Year 7 up to the Sixth Form engaged in the election, researched manifestos and their impact on the youth and then carried out a mock election in the school. The result ended in a win for the Labour Party with over 400 votes. Year 10 student Ethan explained why he voted Labour; 'Their policies were for the young and working class which generally is most of the students in this school'. Whilst the result was a clear victory for the Labour party in the school, wider in the constituency the Conservative Party and Craig Mackinlay were successful. Year 10 students Harry explained why he had voted Blue on this occasion; 'I felt with the terror attacks in London that Theresa May would do more for public safety'.

The school set up a debate group earlier this year which organised the election. The teacher coordinating the group, Tom Millard felt that this was the perfect time to hold a debate and election like this in the school, 'There has been a buzz over the last year of students getting involved in politics and South Thanet has for a number of years now had the eyes of the media on it. Students recognise this and often debate the issues in class. I think there are several reasons why an election was important; firstly the politics of these parties are more in tune with young people who have previously not voted and secondly there has even been a debate that 16-17 year olds should have the debate. Therefore we felt a mock election was absolutely vital to paving the way for students later political activity in future elections, when they will be given the vote'.


Labour Party 66%

Conservative Party 20%

Liberal Democrats 10%

Other 4%

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