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The Royal Harbour


Parent Guide

Here at The Royal Harbour Academy we use technology in more and more ways to complement our student’s educational life.   


On this page, you will find overviews of some of the key technologies and apps that you can use to get information about your child’s education.  We have produced guides on how to use the technologies.

Useful Links

View the Class Charts guide for more information

Visit the Seneca Learning website for more information

View our information on remote learning

It is the school’s policy to have a homework programme, which is an extension of curriculum time.
Homework is an essential part of school life, supporting the curriculum, subject interests and developing core skills such as organisation and independent learning.
To support homework across the school we are delighted to announce that we have invested in Seneca Premium to support your child’s education at home. Seneca is a platform that focuses on practising what has been taught in lessons through well-constructed short tasks that are instantly marked.

The tasks set on this platform will be core homework and there will be a whole school sanction and reward system to support student engagement. As a parent or carer you will be able to easily track and monitor your son or daughter’s homework completion and achievement by accessing the Seneca application.

The school will also be notifying you of your son or daughter’s homework completion fortnightly through the class charts communication app.

Key Stage 3 Letter Home

Key Stage 4 Letter Home

At the Royal Harbour Academy, you will be able to use Class Charts to keep track of your child’s
behaviour, view attendance records, access their weekly timetable, view assigned homework
tasks, track scheduled detentions, create wellbeing submissions and view announcements from
the school.

If you have more than one child, you can access Class Charts information about your children
from a single, centralised parent account.

Class Charts for parents can be accessed via the Class Charts website, or through their iOS and
Android apps. We advise parents to use the app on their phone.

Support Guide

Class Charts

Seneca Learning

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