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School Governance 

Every school has a Governing Body to oversee its work and effectiveness. The group consists of the Headteacher, representatives of staff and parents and people from the local community. At The Royal Harbour Academy we are united in a common purpose to ensure the school is as successful as possible for all of its students.


We are required to carry out three important functions:


  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • Hold the leadership to account for the educational performance of the school

  • Oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent


We meet as a group 6 times a year, but also make many individual visits to the school in addition. 

School Governance Documents

Governors' Annual Report

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The Governing Body

I have just joined the Governing Board from this March 2021. I have spent the last 35 years working in the financial service industry, much of that time overseas in Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong. I have recently returned to the UK and am now self-employed. I was born and educated in Ramsgate. As a RHA governor, I have been focussing on the school finances as well as the monitoring and usage of pupil premium funding. In addition to my RHA role, I also play the role of trustee for the Aquila Multi Academy Trust which includes a number of primary schools across Kent.

In my role as Chair I am responsible for overviewing Finance, Pupil Premium, Health and Safety and Staffing and Appraisals. I am also part of the Curriculum Group

Glenn Berry

Chair of Governors

I’m a retired teacher, having taught History and English at secondary schools in Kent for 37 years. I spent 26 very happy years at Dane Court Grammar School in Broadstairs, where I eventually became an Assistant Head. I actually did my teaching practice at Royal Harbour (it was called Conyngham then) so serving on the Governing Body feels like coming home in many ways. I am passionate about improving opportunities and encouraging aspiration for young people in Thanet.


In my spare time I love going to the theatre, walking and gardening. I also read for a ‘talking newspaper’ for the partially sighted and am trying to improve my Spanish.

In my role as Vice Chair I am responsible for overviewing Safeguarding, Attendance, Governor Wellbeing and Training. I am also part of the Curriculum Group

Sarah Snaydon

Vice Chair

My name is Anne, and I have worked in the Charity Sector for over 25 years after a spell in first the Private and then the Public sector. Having worked with schools both locally and in the rest of Kent, I feel strongly that every young person should be empowered to make the most of their strengths & interests, and gain the skills to realise their potential as they progress from school. The Royal Harbour Academy has cracking teams of staff, great leadership and I feel very lucky to be on the Governance Team, wanting to do all possible to support its ethos, culture and vision.

When not at work I love dog walking, gardening, reading (especially new writers), and learning Italian! Also spending as much time as possible with our three adult youngsters, our family & friends.

In my role as Local authority Governor I am responsible for overviewing Careers and I am also part of the Curriculum Group

Anne McNulty

Co-opted Governor

I had my own paper recycling paper company for 30 years until I retired in 2020. For over ten years I was actively involved and ultimately Chair of Governors at Foreland Fields School. I am now a volunteer for a Canterbury based charity that supports adults with learning difficulties.


My skills and experiences are mainly business based. I enjoy the financial  & company law aspects of running a  Company and I have a sound understanding of how schools are financed. I am well aware of the complexities of industrial relations and labour law. In my twenties I was involved in the Fleet Street upheaval and the News International Strikes. I learnt about the closed shops of those days, and I was part of the negotiating team with Trade Unions.

I am a strong believer in a rigorous system of Safeguarding both for children and adults. I am also a strong advocate of everyone being able to enjoy life where Health & Safety Standards are upheld.


Outside the workplace my passions are gardening and cooking.

In my role as Co-opted Governor I am responsible for overviewing Finance, Budget, Health and Safety and Website

Grant Mahoney

Co-opted Governor

I have a range of experience in the  Education Sector since 1995, as a nursery assistant, TA, Teacher/ Tutor, SENCO, Deputy Head and Headteacher. I have worked in  pre-schools, primary, secondary and FE as well as Adult Education and the majority of my career has been spent working with children and young people who have SEN.

I worked for the local authority as a SEND  Provision Evaluation Officer, prior to my current role as a Headteacher, overseeing an  Independent  Special School, tuition service and Post 16 SPI.

I have also volunteered as an Independent Visitor for Children in Care and have been a SEN Governor for almost 2 years.

In my role as Co-opted Governor I am  responsible for overviewing Safeguarding, Wellbeing and SEND

Nadia Law

Co-opted Governor

I have taught in Kent since the mid-1990s. My first post was teaching history at the Hereson School following which, I have had a number of different roles in a range of selective and non-selective schools across the County. I returned to Thanet in 2009 when I was appointed as Headteacher of Dane Court Grammar School. I became Headteacher of the Ellington and Hereson School in 2011 which subsequently became the Royal Harbour Academy.

Simon Pullen


Since leaving school I have worked in the care sector, working with vulnerable adults and children.  

For the past 10 years I have been a foster carer. As part of this role, I keep up to date with training, especially safeguarding, including contextual safeguarding training, advocating for the young persons education, healthcare, including mental health services and of course liasing with other professionals so that as a team we can all work towards achieving the best outcome for the young person. 


I am excited to join the team of governors. I am also proud to be supporting The Royal Harbour Academy.

In my role as Parent governor I am responsible for overviewing the Curriculum and am part of the Curriculum Group

Tracy Spinks

Parent Governor

I have been working at The Royal Harbour Academy since 2017 and since September 2020 I’ve embraced my new role as Clerk to the Governors. It’s a very positive learning experience for me and I hope to be able to make a genuine difference, not only to the FGB but to the wider school community.


In my spare time and Covid allowing I enjoy a range of outdoor activities including, walking, running, camping and making memories with my family. I am the women’s Welfare Officer and qualified Run Leader for a local running club and relish in helping people achieve their fitness goals. I also help distribute charity food collections to those in need.

Kim Wright

Clerk to the Governors

I have over 15 years’ experience working in schools across Kent. I am currently the SENCo for The Royal Harbour Academy’s Upper Site. My role is to ensure that students with Special Educational Needs are fully included in all aspects of school life. This involves parental meetings, staff CPD and liaising with external agencies. 

My previous roles have included leadership responsibilities for whole school attendance, safeguarding, curriculum and pastoral areas. Having visited The Royal Harbour Academy as a Specialist Teacher for Social, Emotional and Mental Health, I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of the students and staff that I wanted to join the team.

In my role as Staff Governor I am responsible for overviewing Website Compliance and School Improvement Plan

Scott McFarnell

Staff Governor

I taught for 27 years before semi-retiring 2 years ago.  I loved teaching English, drama and film studies at Dane Court School and enjoyed taking on roles of responsibility ranging from Head of Department to Assistant Headteacher.  I have collaborated with a variety of schools in Kent over the years and have enjoyed collaborations with RHA particularly.  Therefore, I am delighted to have joined  the governing board of RHA recently and being part of a team of people which is dedicated to providing the best possible education and opportunities for their student community,

In my role as Co-opted Governor I am responsible for overviewing Behaviour, Curriculum, Staffing and Appraisal and Data. I am also part of the Curriculum Group

Sarah Stivarius


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