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The Royal Harbour


Mental Health

The Royal Harbour Academy takes great pride in supporting our students and their parent or carers throughout their time here.  We understand that Mental Health and Wellbeing is as important as academic achievement. 

During Form Time, we dedicate time to exploring our mental health through our successful "Be Your Best Self" programme.  Students are encouraged to think about their Mental Health and Wellbeing and have time to engage with Mindfullness.

We link together both our Mental Health and Wellbeing programmes with our Careers curriculum, to find out more about careers please use the links.


Vist the Kent Mental Health Service

Online Mental Wellbeing Community

View our Careers Curriculum

Website Links

Family Lives

Advice and guidance on boosting wellbeing and emotional health

Anna Freud National Centre

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families


For better Mental Health

Kent Mental Health Service

Kent Children and Young People's Mental Health Service provides emotional wellbeing and mental health advice across Kent


Your online mental wellbeing community for free, safe and anonymous support

Young Minds

"To stop young people's mental health reaching crisis point"

Kent Resilience Hub

A resource that helps young people, parents and carers and practitioners to understand emotonal wellbeing and resilience.

You will find below, some great website resources that you can use to help to increase positive wellbeing. 

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