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The Royal Harbour


Remote Learning - Lower Site Information

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support to ensure your child continues with their learning at home.

We are currently providing a minimum of 25 hours of remote learning in accordance with the Department for Education guidelines. 2 hours of live lessons by their core teacher and 3 hours of work for independent study. This also includes work set for the rotational subjects such as food studies, music and PSHE. We have had some calls from parents regarding homework. We have set an e-book for Guided Reading, Dr Frost Maths and Times Tables Rock Stars that students can read and work through at their own pace. This is accessible through Google Classroom or Satchel 1 (previously called Show My Homework). I have drafted a recommended home learning timetable that you may wish to follow.

If you find your child is progressing too quickly through the work, we are now giving guidance on the minimum amount of time students should be spending on a particular task. This is to help ensure a good standard of work. Please encourage your child to submit the work at the standard and quality they would have done in school.

In order to enhance our delivery of remote learning we will be splitting the teaching groups up so they are smaller in size. Your son or daughter will be with their same teacher but fewer students in the group will mean they will have more support. As a result there will need to be a slight change in the order of lessons on Google Classroom although the timings of the lessons remain the same starting from 10am and finishing at 12.15pm. In order to access the live lessons your son or daughter will need to click on either the English or Maths Google Classroom and the remote link at the top depending on the times as outlined below. If you are unsure on what class try both Google classrooms in the morning.

Students will also have access to work from their rotational subjects. This will be accessible on one Google Classroom called Rotation.

Please would you remind your son or daughter to submit the work on Google Classroom for assessment so we can give some feedback.

Finally, I am mindful of the time some students are spending on-line each day. We will be setting more activities that do not involve the use of a screen. To support this we will shortly be making available a resource pack with exercise books and basic stationery that will be made available by next week. We will send a text message to you when this is ready.

Once again thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions regarding your child’s remote education please do not hesitate to contact the school reception and we will be able to help.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Holmes Deputy Headteacher


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