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The Royal Harbour


Students seek a greener future

This week in 'Let's Talk' our Upper Site students have been discussing how The Royal Harbour community can decrease our personal impact on the environment.

With world leaders and communities focusing on the impacts of climate change, the students at the Royal Harbour Academy have been showing their understanding of this global issue and demonstrating what can be done at a local level.

Students from 9SMC discussed how decreasing phone usage can help reduce peoples personal carbon footprint. If mobile phones are used less they will not need charging as often. This is a fantastic idea! Well done 9SMC!

11GLE discussed a multitude of different ideas including;

- Reducing printing

- Promoting and rewarding walking and cycling to schools

- Running charity events in school to support local and national environmental charities

11GLE have certainly thought about how we must come together as a community to resolve these issues. Well done 11GLE, some incredibly mature responses!

9IMO have also suggested we should all grow our own vegetables at home, not only is this a fantastic way of reducing our own footprint, it is an incredibly learning experience! Well done 9IMO.

"Our students are full of incredible and innovative ideas. Using their empathy, they have generated some extremely powerful discussions and solutions for the issues our world is facing" Mr Wall - Associate Senior Leader.


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