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The Royal Harbour


Support over Christmas

Christmas is coming and for most children and young people this creates feelings of excitement and joyful anticipation as they recall their memories of Christmas past; family coming together, the magic, the surprise, the gifts, the food...unfortunately Christmas isn’t like that for everyone.

Children and Young People with developmental trauma may recall Christmas as the time when the adults around them, who perhaps were always unpredictable, frightening and abusive, become even more so—for these children and young people, Christmas may be anticipated with terror

Please see below for some resources for parents

Provided by Virtual School Kent, a Local Authority Champion for children and young people.

Christmas for Children and Young People who have experienced trauma 2023
Download PDF • 18.68MB

Provided by Social Enterprise Kent

Support Over Christmas Across East Kent 2023 V2 (1)
Download PDF • 254KB


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