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The Royal Harbour


Design Technology

"Good Design doesn't date" - Harry Seidler

Vision Statement

We provide a broad range of skills and experiences at KS3, which are then further developed as students enter KS4 and then extended to KS5.


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Middle Years Programme

Curriculum Overview

Design and Technology at the Royal Harbour Academy offers all pupils the experience of working with a wide range of materials and skill sets. Pupils are given the opportunity to work with traditional and modern techniques from hand saws to computer aided design (CAD). Pupils will explore their ideas and own identities through drawing and practical work while seeing how this can fit in with the world around us. The Design and Technology department aims to teach skills which will help ready each pupil for their next step in either further education or the industry while reflecting their own personal expression.

Cultural Capital

Health and safety is always at the heart of whatever we do in Design and Technology and this includes understanding how to be safe in the workshop. We look at how to remain safe when working with tools and materials and how to keep others safe too. In KS3 pupils will learn and discuss the pros and cons of materials and understand where they come from. This will help them to formulate a balanced approach to their design work.

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