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The Royal Harbour


GCSE Child Care

"It takes a big heart to shape a little mind" - Unknown

Vision Statement

Childcare at KS4 teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to go on to have a successful career in the childcare industry. They will gain knowledge about working in childcare as well as the expected patterns of child development from a holistic viewpoint. This course leads nicely into Health & Social care at RHA sixth form, as well as into a range of potential college courses and apprenticeships.


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Middle Years Programme

Curriculum Overview

There are three units of work
Unit 1 portfolio based - Introduction to Working with Children 0-5 years; internally marked and externally
Unit 2 portfolio based - Development and well being 0-5 years; internally marked and moderated
Unit 3 short answer scenario based written exam; externally assessed

Cultural Capital

Students will learn about careers in the early years sector and the importance of appropriate behaviour and conduct in the workplace. Case studies are used to demonstrate ways in which children develop in a range of cultures and backgrounds. The importance of inclusivity is a central theme throughout the course.

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