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The Royal Harbour


GCSE English Literature

"Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body" - Joseph Addison

Vision Statement

The English curriculum at RHA aims to develop students’ abilities in the key areas of communication: reading, writing and oracy. Through the further study of rich, diverse texts our students also experience opportunities to consider and understand different perspectives and the world in which they live.


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Middle Years Programme

Curriculum Overview

At RHA, students study for two GCSEs in English: English Language and English Literature. We follow the AQA specification for both exams. Over the two years we seek to continue to inspire, challenge and motivate every student through their continued study of these fascinating and vital subjects.

Cultural Capital

We are a Royal Shakespeare Company associate school so students regularly get the opportunity to take part in performances with professional actors and students from other schools. Students will also watch live broadcasts of Shakespeare plays. Students enjoy a rich and varied reading curriculum over their five years of study; experiencing a culturally-diverse range of authors. Students are offered trips to local theatres whenever possible. Recent trips have included A Christmas Carol at The Theatre Royal, Margate (one of the oldest theatres in England). The MYP framework in 7/8 allows for students to consider a global and cultural outlook through the choice of texts studied-eg. they have considered the impact of culture, historical context, poverty and education on childhood through exploring Chinese foot binding, hobbies/pastimes and corporal punishment. To generate creativity within writing, students visited outdoors settings to support vocabulary and understanding. Gothic horror creative responses were stimulated by a trip to a cemetery. A beach obseravtion trip preceded a creative writing piece about this setting. A visit to the Globe theatre is the plan post covid- also supporting the links in history to the Elizabethan Golden Age.

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