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The Royal Harbour


GCSE Ethics & Philosophy

"Philosophy is the microscope of thought" - Victor Hugo

Vision Statement

The Philosophy and Ethics curriculum at RHA aims to encourage our students to think about the connections between religion and the issues people face in life, including animal life, environmental issues, prejudice, the right to life and war and peace.
Whilst also helping them to develop their knowledge and understanding of religion by exploring the impact of religious beliefs and values on moral behaviour.
Equally, we aim to provide the opportunity for our students to be able to be reflective of their own beliefs religious or otherwise and to recognise the things we share across culture, religious, ethnic and socio-economic communities. Fostering tolerance and respect towards all.


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Middle Years Programme

Curriculum Overview

Eight units of work covered - over two year period.
Visit to Buddhist Temple - London
Visit to Canterbury Cathedral
Visit to �The Shrine of St Augustine� - Ramsgate
Two one hour and forty-five minute examinations.

Cultural Capital

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