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GCSE Health & Social Care

"If you ruin your body, where will you live?" - Unknown

Vision Statement

Curriculum Details

Unit 1 - Introduction to the Health & Social Care sector
You will learn about different ways people are referred to different services, alongside possible barriers to
accessing them and how the barriers could be overcome. You will investigate a range of health & social
care services that can be accessed throughout the entire lifespan including how Ofsted and CQC regulate
and inspect these services.

Unit 2 - Professional practice and the health & social care practitioner
Unit 2 prepares you for working in the health & social care sector. You will learn about the
different professional skills, behaviours and attributes. You will use real life case studies to investigate a
range of issues including safeguarding, the importance of person-centred care and why it is important to
help people remain independent.
You will look at the benefits associated with multi agency working and investigate what went wrong in
cases such as Victoria Climbie and Baby P.
In unit 2 you will create a personal development plan where you will research the skills, qualifications and
personal goals needed to achieve your chosen career.

Unit 3 - Human growth and development through the life stages
This unit begins with a study of pregnancy from the point of conception to birth. You will look at how an
embryo / foetus develops and the effects of substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs on the
developing foetus. You will learn in depth about the physical, intellectual, emotional and social milestones
through each of these six life stages: You will research a range of expected and unexpected life events
that can happen to individuals and the effects these events have on their lives.

Curriculum Overview

In Year 10 you will learn all of the information you need to produce your 3 coursework portfolios. You will
aim to complete units 1 and 2 in Year 10.
In Year 11 you will complete your unit 3 coursework portfolio. You will then prepare and revise for a 1 �
hour exam in February. You will have the chance to resit this exam in May if you wish to aim for a higher

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