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GCSE Mathematics

"A good graph is worth a thousand words" - Dennis Johnston

Vision Statement

Curriculum Details

GCSE mathematics covers a wide range of basic mathematical knowledge and skills, grouped into five
Number; Algebra; Ratio; Data and Geometry.
While studying mathematics you will be expected to:
Use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems
Use logic and reason to solve problems
Break down problems into small steps in order to solve them
Use the mathematics that you learn to solve problems that might happen in real life
Learn how to use a calculator to solve problems quickly and effectively

Curriculum Overview

GCSE mathematics is split into a higher and a foundation course. The courses cover a vast amount of
content which pupils will have started to cover already in Year 9. Content builds upon prior knowledge
learnt throughout their school lives and is assessed through final examinations in the summer of Year

Cultural Capital

Maths is a subject that is rich, challenging and enjoyable. It is a core subject at GCSE level and provides
students with a qualification that will give greater freedom of choice for their career opportunities,
especially when coupled with English.

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