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GCSE Performing Arts

"I thought drama was when the actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries" - Frank Capra

Vision Statement

Curriculum Details

Unit 1: Performing Text
Learners will complete an internally marked unit: Performing Text. This unit allows learners to understand
exactly how dialogue/conversation works, how this is reflected in good dramatic writing and how an actor
�lifts� such speech� off the page.
Unit 2: Live Performance
All learners take an externally assessed core unit: Live Performance. This unit requires them to work to a
brief assigned and marked by RSL. This assignment provides the opportunity for learners to demonstrate
and also integrate their knowledge and understanding and skills from their lessons. It will also enable
learners to develop study skills and to underpin practical skills with core knowledge and understanding

We offer an after-school drama club, which helps students to develop skills they are learning in lessons. This is for all year groups so it gives students the opportunity to meet and learn from students in different year groups. In this club we work towards whole school performances, past productions have been �Mary Poppins�, �Robin Hood� (panto) and �Back to the 80�s�.
We also use this time to rehearse for The Coastal Academies Trust Arts Festival. For this, we rehearse a 15-minute performance, which we perform at the Winter Gardens alongside other schools from the Trust.

Throughout the year, we offer many viewings of theatre productions and try to organise a live theatre show once a year. In Year 11, we also run intervention clubs for students who require additional support with the course content.

Curriculum Overview

Students will complete 2 units over the two years; each unit is designed to develop their skills in
acting and performing. Students have the opportunity to become independent and open minded learners
and are encouraged to take risks within their work.
This qualification is equivalent to one GCSE and can be used as a basis for the Level 3 course, which we
offer at sixth form.

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