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The Royal Harbour


GCSE Photography

"Today everything exists to end in a photograph" - Susan Sontag

Vision Statement

Photography at KS4 gives students the necessary skills to progress to a higher level course in photography or art either in 6th form, college or at UCA.


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Middle Years Programme

Curriculum Overview

This GCSE consists of 2 controlled assessments:
Controlled Assessment 1 - portfolio 60% (coursework)
Controlled Assessment 2 - exam 40%

Cultural Capital

Students have the opportunity to work with Project Motorhouse at an afterschool club leading to an exhibition. They are also encouraged to enter the monthly photography competition which has cash prizes that several of our students have won! They are taught about photography as a career through workshops with photographers who have worked with national newspapers and galleries in London. They are able to gain an insight into university life through workshops with students and lecturers from UCA including making cyanotypes and working with professional DSLR cameras and lighting.

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