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The Royal Harbour



"The historian will tell you what happened. The novelist will tell you what it felt like" - E.L.Doctorow

Vision Statement

The History department's aim is to try and ensure that pupils leave RHA as young people who are confident in engaging with the wider world and who feel able to challenge ideas and views put forward to them. We endeavour to make them life long learners who can make informed decisions based upon their knowledge of the past. We pride ourselves on being a department that strives to be our best and as a result our curriculums will develop along with new historical research.


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Middle Years Programme

Curriculum Overview

Our KS3 curriculum is an enquiry led one meaning that students are presented with an overarching question at the beginning of a teaching block and are given subsequent lessons, with the aid of teacher input, to try and find their own answer. Through these enquiries students will study key events of British and world history including:

The Norman Conquest
Medieval life and power
The reign of King John
Tudor England
The English Civil War
The Transatlantic Slave trade
The Industrial Revolution
The Holocaust
USA during the twentieth century

Pupils are also given the opportunity to broaden their historical knowledge with a series of homework assignments which introduce them to topics that are not studied in the classroom.

Cultural Capital

"As well as the study of history within the classroom we tray and make use of the wealth of history all around us with yearly trips to Dover Castle as well as the use of Ramsgate as a living history exhibit.Trips further afield could include London as well as the WW1 Battlefields in Belgium and France. All of these expereices we hope will make our students more locally, nationally and globally aware and

Students are also exposed to the literature, art and music of the historical periods studied and our hope is that we open their eyes to new interests and passions.

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