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IB English Lang & Lit

A IBDP Course

Vision Statement

Curriculum Details

The IB English language and literature course not only builds on but also extends your skills from GCSE.

The course has been designed to encourage you to explore the way in which language is used every day. You will question how language is used in campaigns, why gender stereotypes still exist in the media and how Trump used language to become president. The language part of the course provides you with an opportunity to discover how language is used within media, TV and popular films.

The literature part of the course requires you to study and appreciate a variety of texts from the likes of Shakespeare�s Othello to Carol Ann Duffy�s The World�s Wife You will develop an awareness of skill and writer�s craft whilst covering a range of genres, time periods and cultures.

The topics of the course are as follows:
� Identity and Gender (explore how texts present identity and gender)
� Race and Power (discuss how texts represent race and power)
� Intertextuality� study texts that are intertextual in nature such as rewriting of fairy tales.

How will it be delivered?
You will complete 2 exams in year 13.

Paper 1 � an unseen analysis paper which requires you to use your skills from the language part of the course to analyse two unseen texts.

Paper 2 � you answer 1 question out of a range of provided questions. Your answer will be based on your study of two texts.

As well as this, there is an Internal Oral Assessment (IOC) which your class teacher will record and send to the IBO.

Entry requirements
5 GCSE at 9 - 4 (or equivalent) with a minimum grade 4 is needed in both English Language and Literature.
(Students that narrowly miss out on L3 entry requirements can still be accepted subject to decision of subject leader for the chosen course).

Your next steps...
Where will this course take me in the future?

Understanding and appreciating how language is used is a key part of communication. Therefore, this course would help you with careers in customer service, communication, education, journalism, law, police, social work, marketing and the arts.

Why should I study this course?

Study this course because you love looking at texts in detail and asking questions. Study this course if you like to see how a text can be adapted for film or TV. Study this course if you are curious at how media manipulates the general public.
You will be taught by teachers who are passionate about the topics you are exposed to, who have experience in the teaching of IB English course and have seen students achieve high grades every year. This course also provides you with opportunities to see English brought to life outside of the classroom. Current year 12s have already been to see the NT Live production of Julie.

Curriculum Overview

Code: IB Course (3)
Qualification Type: Other Regulated/Accredited Qualification
Qualification Level: Level 3
Course type: Full Time

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