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The Royal Harbour


IB English Lang & Lit

A IBDP Course

Vision Statement

At KS5, we aim to develop a real love of literature and language in the classroom. We ensure that the texts and topics chosen are tailored to the students in front of us and formed in a way that helps students understand their place in an ever changing world.


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Middle Years Programme

Curriculum Overview

The course has been designed to encourage you to explore the way in which language is used every day. You will question how language is used in campaigns, why gender stereotypes still exist in the media and how Trump used language to become president. The language part of the course provides you with an opportunity to discover how language is used within media, TV and popular films. The literature part of the course requires you to study and appreciate a variety of texts from the likes of Shakespeare’s Othello to Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife You will develop an awareness of skill and writer’s craft whilst covering a range of genres, time periods and cultures.

Cultural Capital

Students have the chance to develop their cultural capital through the studying of texts from different cultures and languages. There are a range of extra curricular opportunities also throughout the course from attending theatre to attending art exhibitions. All with the aim of ensuring students develop a better experience of language and literature in the real world.

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