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"A good graph is worth a thousand words" - Dennis Johnston

Vision Statement

The math department's vision is to motivate, inspire and guide pupils to build and discover mathematical knowledge. In doing so, embedding that knowledge in order to ensure it may be applied fluently to all aspects of learning for life. We strive to encourage pupils to become independent and ambitious towards their learning and employment.

Curriculum Overview

The mathematics curriculum prioritises building �firm foundations� of numeracy � securing the core aspects of KS3 maths early on, and developing pupils� mathematical confidence � rather than racing through content. This is done through taking a mastery approach to the planning and teaching. Those who are fluent and flexible with core skills and ideas enjoy more depth within topics, rather than being pushed too quickly into KS4 content.
The work in the classroom is supplemented by daily maths homework. Times Tables Rock Stars or Dr Frost maths is completed online most evenings.
Pupils have a minimum of 5 lessons a week with a qualified and highly-trained maths teacher. Those who need additional support work in very small groups through our own bespoke intervention programme, as well as getting support with homework.

Cultural Capital

Maths is all around us; it underpins much of our daily lives and our future, both as individuals and collectively. Mathematical understanding is critical to our children's future. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology, engineering, financial literacy and most forms of employment. Our department believes that a high quality education comes from pupils enjoying maths by ensuring that we enrich the curriculum with trips and guest speakers.

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