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The Royal Harbour


Kent Music Roadshow

On 9th May, the Kent Music Roadshow 'Bach to the Future' came to the Lower Site and performed to both our Year 7 and Year 8 students. The aim of the Roadshow is to inspire students to learn a musical instrument and encourage an understanding of the value of music to our world and everyday lives.

The Roadshow consisted of 3 musicians who are all experienced performers, music directors and teachers; one violinist, one playing the clarinet and one the trumpet. They played a range of compositions which really seemed to inspire the students. The students enjoyed every minute as did the staff; everyone was dancing and clapping in their seats as the musicians took them on a journey through music from film, TV and musical theatre.

The musicians also showed the students how to make instruments similar to the ones that they were playing from household objects, which again the students loved.


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