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The Royal Harbour


Work Experience Week

Our Year 10s were at work experience all of last week. An incredible 89 companies offered us placements covering a wide range of job sectors. These included Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Retail, Construction, Mechanics and many more.

Work experience is a fantastic opportunity to show our students what the working world is like and to learn valuable work skills such as punctuality, confidence and teamwork and allows our young adults a better understanding of future career opportunities and employer’s expectations. 

Feedback from employers, staff who went to visit students in their placement and students themselves, has been extremely positive.

“The student has been enjoying working in MITE and has gained some great experience”

“I just wanted to send a quick email about Alfie who's been in our class.  He's been brilliant!  He's interacted so well with the children, punctual and also so polite etc.  He did everything I asked him and always with a smile on his face!”

 “Lola had great feedback from the class teacher. She looked very comfortable in her work placement”

“I couldn't say anything better, constantly working hard and always on time, Alfie is really enjoying himself”

“Ms Sinclair has been really impressed by Gabriela and said she was outstanding! She has been conscientious and has been doing actual computing work. She said she wished all work experience students were this good”

“Amy has been helping in the HUB and is enjoying participating in sessions and having a sense of responsibility around the school”

“I  just wanted to let you know that the work experience lad  that we had from Royal Harbour Academy this week was a really lovely lad and very helpful, we had lots of comments on how polite he was”


“One of our tenants had a work experience young lady and they wanted me to let you know they were very impressed with her”

“The experience was helpful in knowing what she wanted to do post school”

Our thanks to East Business Partnership Kent and Mr Matthews, Careers Lead, who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen.

Mr Matthews commented “ I am extremely proud of our students on work experience.  They have gone out there and engaged themselves in the opportunity to gain a valuable experience of working life.  A huge number of them have grasped it with both hands and have shown themselves to be Ready, Honourable and Aspirational.  They have done the Royal Harbour Academy proud”


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