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The Royal Harbour


Sixth Form Residential

At the end of last term, 30 Royal Harbour Academy Sixth Formers went on a fully funded, four day residential trip to Kingswood, Ashford, to build their "Skills for Life". It was a pleasure to be on the trip with them as they displayed themselves as young adults throughout. The activities included climbing, archery, laser tag, team building, problem solving, public speaking and motivational speakers. All students faced their fears and came out of their comfort zone to complete the challenges. The students overcame both physical and mental barriers and with the support of each other they came through stronger.

It was a hugely rewarding trip with 100% of the students saying that they enjoyed the trip and that they would recommend it to a friend.

Below are comments from the students when asked ‘What skills did you learn on the trip?’

My confidence and communication skills

To be able to be confident in myself

To face my fears

How to survive and facing my fears

Take risks

Public speaking

Teamwork, leadership

Stronger team work

Communication, confidence, risk taker

We learnt how to work as a whole group, improve our communication and share our trust.

Communication , thinking, engaging with one another and being supportive.

We look forward to the next trip!


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