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The Royal Harbour


Sixth Form students take to the water

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

On the 24th February a group of Year 13 students visited Bewl Water. As part of their water based skills unit, students who are studying public services attended Bewl Water to participate in activities on the water!

The first activity was raft building. The students were provided with 4 barrels, 9 logs and a bucket of ropes and given very little guidance in the initial phase. Students worked tremendously well together. They were able to come up with a plan for how best to make their raft. The instructors supported them by showing a series of effective knots that the students could adopt to strengthen their designs. The students worked together and recognised each other's strengths, helping each other to ensure the knots were all tied. The students' teamwork was outstanding and best reflected when all members of the team were able to float on the raft when they were launched; despite the laughter they all managed to board the raft, some after several attempts. The students were set the challenge to row the raft out to different locations and worked well together as a team to ensure the raft moved in the direction they needed.

The students spent the afternoon canoeing, students were given the technical skills on dry land before they collected their life jacket, paddle and canoe and headed for the water. Whilst on the water students took part in a series of challenges and games. Key skills in communication, teamwork and some risk taking were needed to meet the challenges and stay dry.

The trip was fantastic. It placed students in a different environment for them to demonstrate and develop their skills and understanding of leadership, teamwork, communication and risk taking through water based activities.


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