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The Royal Harbour


Spark 2 Life

On Thursday 30th June, all Year 9 students attended Spark 2 Life Sessions. Arnold visited the year group and delivered an assembly on respect; this was a very active assembly where he asked students to stand up if they respected a certain celebrity he had displayed on the board, or remain seated if they did not respect them. Students were then cold called to explain their reasoning. He also had a couple of students at the front to demonstrate Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s pre-fight trash talk to again demonstrate respect and how some sports people feel the need to disrespect others and their families, whereas others prefer to demonstrate their respect in the ring.

Arnold then delivered 4 workshops to groups of students on prejudice. Arnold was amazing at involving all of the students, making them all feel valued and welcome and exploring tricky topics by using games and discussions.


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