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The Royal Harbour


Trip to Canterbury Christ Church University

A group of Year 8 students from the Royal Harbour Academy had a fantastic time visiting Canterbury Cathedral and Canterbury Christ Church University on Monday 4th December. The trip was organised by Dr Diane Heath, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Kent History and Heritage, as part of the National Lottery Heritage funded Medieval Animals project, and saw the students taking part in a variety of activities centred on history, heritage, sustainability and wellbeing.

When the students arrived in Canterbury, they went straight to Canterbury Cathedral for a tour with Dr Heath. They visited Becket’s shrine, the Chapter House, the cloisters, and the nave to explore some of the history and heritage of Canterbury.

After exploring the Cathedral, students went to Augustine House to take part in a variety of library workshops. Students enjoyed a tour of the library led by Michelle Crowther, where they learnt about the award-winning building’s sustainability.

Activities had a focus on Medieval animals, sustainable space design and wellbeing. Students went on to have a sustainability tour with John Hills, Sustainability Projects Officer and Jack, CCCU student and Student Green Office project officer, where they learnt about the green heritage and sustainability of the campus.

Lastly, students were given the opportunity to see what it is like to be a student at the university, exploring the Verena Holmes Building, which places engineers, scientists, doctors and healthcare students together in an inspirational learning environment, with industry-standard, hi-tech facilities throughout. Students also received a mini lecture from Dr Cat Cooper on the V&A St Thomas Becket medieval stone altar fragment, re-envisioned with 3D printing technology for handheld tactile engagement.

The students had a brilliant time and summed it up with words such as 'excellent', 'inspiring', 'educational' and many wished they could do it again! A really great time had by all, with all students coming away feeling enthused and uplifted.


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