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The Royal Harbour


We are changing how we communicate with you...

The Royal Harbour Academy has been looking at a new way of communicating with parents and carers. Communication is incredibly important and we would like you to have information about your child's day-to-day progress at the touch of a button. We know how incredibly supportive our parents are when it comes to having discussions surrounding education and we would like you to have access to information that can support these valuable conversations.

Throughout this year we have been internally trialing a system called Class Charts. Class Charts has a wide range of functions that we can use to communicate your child's progress with you. We have found the system to be user friendly and clear. As a school we will adopt this system of reporting across a wide range of areas from September. Fundamentally, this will ensure we are able to communicate with parents and carers about the wide range of aspects of your child's education. In addition to this, the software allows you to communicate with us, send absence messages and communicate with members of our pastoral support team.

We will use Class Charts to communicate the following:

  • Achievements and rewards

  • Behaviour for learning

  • Attendance and absence

  • Homework

  • Report Cards

  • School letters

  • Other important notices

With the implementation of Class Charts from September, we will no longer be using MyEd, text messaging or Satchel One for communication and homework management. We understand that the transition from one platform to another can be confusing so we have attached a guide to Class Charts for you to refer to and peruse over the summer break.

In addition to the guide you will find login information for yourself and your child. We ask that your son or daughter also download the app and set up their account; in September they will receive guidance from their tutor on how to use Class Charts.

If you have multiple children with us, there is guidance in the booklet for how to set this up and toggle between students. We ask that you download and login to the app as soon as possible. This will help us manage the change in communication in September and ensure you are getting the information you require.

If you have any questions, or have any issues with getting set up, please email:

Download PDF • 1.29MB


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