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The Royal Harbour


Year 10 Employability Day 2

Students got the opportunity to use the skills they had developed on day one to work

as part of a team on a concept led project around business.

The task was to think of a concept and design an idea that could be used as a business.

This could be anything at all so students had the freedom to be creative an innovative.

As soon as the students got to work the ideas being bounced around were fantastic.

Each team had to nominate a Chairperson, secretary, managing director, finance

director, designer and presenter coordinator. This gave a realistic feel to the day and

students thoroughly enjoyed taking on these roles.

The day was split up into stages which included planning and development of all

aspects of the business. Strategies around sales pitches, target audience for marketing

and cost effectiveness were all taken into consideration.

Ideas from the day included Luxury holiday resorts, unique gardening tools, diabetes

medical support, mental health apps and well-being apps, contact lenses to assist

colour blindness and horror gaming apps.

The final section of the day involved each team presenting to a panel of judges with a

sales pitch to include every aspect of their product. This was a credit to each group

and the quality of the work was outstanding.

The runners up were ‘Fashion fix.’ A team of students who had designed a fashion

based app with included avatars and shopping sections within the product in order to

enhance to online experience of personalised fashion.

The winners were ‘Safelet.’ This team had designed a tracking based bracelet to be

use for location tracking. This team presented brilliantly, with clear guidance on why

the product would be of use, the marketing pitch was relevant and cost effective and

the confidence and clarity of each of the speakers showed a professionalism beyond

their years.

Our huge thanks to EBP for their invaluable work around careers with our students

and to Cary and Trish at SES ltd for their continued support, including the prizes.

These two days have been a huge success and the impact this project has had on the

students has been immense.


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