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The Royal Harbour


Year 11 Revision Drop Down

We have been extremely impressed with how our Year 11 students have tackled the start of their exam season and we have every confidence that they will continue to work in a determined and focused way for the remaining exams. As you are aware, the final exam for all students is on Thursday 23rd June.

As some subjects begin to be completed, it is sensible to adapt accordingly. We know that the exam period is tiring and stressful and we want to do everything that we can to continue to support students to be successful.

As a result, from Friday 10th June, we will offer Year 11 students the option to be in school for pre-exam warm up sessions, exams and specific revision sessions only. We know that for many students, preparing for exams at home will be effective, alongside the specific timetabled revision sessions in school. However, we also recognise that for some students it is still best for them to attend school from 8.45am to 3pm as normal.

For these students, we will offer supported and supervised ‘drop down’ revision sessions. Any Year 11 students that remain for these sessions will be registered and supervised by members of staff and supported to revise for any exams they have left.

Our students are in two bands X & Y.

X = Pink, Blue & Green

Y = Red, Yellow and Orange

Please see the correct letter and form for your student.


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