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The Royal Harbour


Year 7 Students Shine in Change Makers Project in Collaboration with Christ Church University

A group of Year 7 students recently concluded a transformative 6-week project known as the Change Makers, in collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University. This innovative initiative aimed to empower young minds to tackle significant societal issues and culminated in a grand presentation at the university.

The Change Makers project provided an extraordinary opportunity for students to engage in creative expression while addressing important topics such as pollution, homophobia, climate change, litter, racism, and more. Over the six weeks, the students created an array of compelling materials including posters, poems, comics, letters, and plaques. Their hard work and creativity will be showcased on large posters displayed around the Lower Site, ensuring their messages reach our school community.

Student Testimonials:

"Change Makers was a brilliant opportunity. If you get the option to be a 'Change Maker', take it! I got to make a poem, comic, and more while also having fun! Everyone had a different issue to change. For example, my problem was pollution, so I made a poster, comic, and poem to make people stop. I managed to do that thanks to the helpers from Christ Church University. I was so proud of everyone who came to Change Makers. There was also a different school with us, so that made us talk to people we don’t know too, which made us more confident using our voices. I am so proud of our work - it has made the Change Makers better understand some of the big issues like bullying, racism, and littering and how we can help to make these things stop." - Holly

"Change Makers was amazing! It taught us how to do more to challenge the problems around us like homophobia, climate change, litter, racism, and so much more. We created comic strips, poems, letters, plaques, and more. Then at the end of it all, Canterbury Christ Church University let us have a giant showcase about all of our work that we had spent lots of effort and hard work on. Hartsdown also joined us with this adventure. Although we are different people from different schools, different races and religions, we all had the same problems that we could work on together to change. We hope that these changes happen if we work together. Us Change Makers would like to say thank you to our brilliant host, Canterbury Christ Church University!" - Tia

"I did Change Makers 2024 and it was amazing! If you are seeing this and you have the opportunity to be a Change Maker, then take it! The things I did there were really cool; I made art, poems/songs/raps, a speech, and if you're into any of that, this is for you! The people there were really supportive and nice to us, helping us along the way - thanks Dylan and the student ambassadors. It was just a really fun experience in general; having events with a professional comic artist and a tour around the University where it was held." - James

The Change Makers project not only fostered creativity and collaboration among students but also instilled a sense of social responsibility and confidence in using their voices to address pressing issues. The partnership with Christ Church University provided invaluable support and resources, ensuring the success of this inspiring initiative.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Canterbury Christ Church University for hosting and supporting our young Change Makers. This project has truly highlighted the power of youth in driving positive change in our communities.


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